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Ways we work within our Community

“Learning from people, planning for country”


Extensive beef operations cover approx 85% of our region, held in about 200 individual business enterprises.

Sustainable Agriculture

The Mareeba-Dimbulah Irrigation Area powers some of the nation’s most productive and innovative tropical farming operations.


The Northern Gulf is tropical savanna country at its best, with unique flora and fauna in remnant habitat.


Everything in the Gulf depends on relationships and cooperation. Community engagement is at the core of our work..

Weeds & Pests

A constant reminder of ecosystem imbalances, weeds and pests require strategic thinking and sufficient resources to manage.


Our future leaders will want and need an NRM context to grow healthy a region tomorrow.

The biggest and best yet, hear from the women who attended this years Basalt Bash event and see why they keep travelling the long distances and coming back year after year.

Northern Gulf’s Mapping Officer Sarah gets the run down on the benefits of GIS mapping of your property and how Northern Gulf RMG has helped land owners such as John of Wetherby Station document their properties, fences, boundaries plus more.

 @northerngulf – Chair John Brisbin and RALF Officer Laura Miller travelled to Green Hills Station, near Georgetown recently to meet with owner of Green Hills, Greg Ryan. Greg had recently been conducting numerous burns on his property to remove rubber vine in a paddock that he had been spelling. In order to achieve best result, the fire needs to be a hot burn. The Northern Gulf RMG drone was flown over the paddock that Greg had burnt and Greg stated that he was pleased with the result of how much weed he had eliminated. By using the drone, Greg could see exactly what areas had been burnt and it was more economical than bringing in a helicopter.. #Gulffuture