Local Mareeba Avocado Grower focusing on Soil Health looks set for a Bumper Avocado Crop

Local Mareeba Avocado Grower focusing on Soil Health looks set for a Bumper Avocado Crop

The Jennings family of Slape road, Mareeba is set for a bumper crop of Shepard Avocados this season, with picking beginning earlier this week.

Marketing produce under the name of Aussie Green and Gold, the Jennings have been local food producers for 96 years.

“The trees are currently looking superb and the fruit is filling well,” Mr Jennings reports.

Avocados, on John Jennings farm

This season John and Lucy Jennings have been working with Northern Gulf Resource Management Group’s Intensive Agricultural Officer Sally Fields, and have focused on increasing calcium and boron inputs, monthly leaf testing to guide nutritional inputs and using soil microbiology.

As one of eight farms participating in the Northern Gulf’s Healthy Farming Futures program for 2018/2019, as a member of the NQ NRM alliance, John and Lucy are focusing on ways to build their farm’s soil health, increase stable carbon levels in their soil, utilise practices to raise the soil organic matter and decrease their on-farm soil losses through erosion.

These practices will ensure the farm’s soil is in good shape for future generations of the Jennings family to continue their legacy.

Base level carbon percentages have been established through an accredited independent laboratory, and a demonstration site will be closely monitored to establish on-farm practices to build soil health and support the soil microbiome. A decrease in the level of Phytophthora on this demonstration site has already been observed, and this project site will continue until June 2023.

“We are excited to improve the health of the soil, observe tree health and increasing the nutrient density of the quality product,” John said.

John Jennings, is proud of this seasons crop

Northern Gulf Resource Management group is an independent natural resource organisation, that facilitates community-owned outcomes, through its offices in Mareeba and Georgetown. Northern Gulf is a proud member of the NQ NRM Alliance.

If you would like more information about Northern Gulf’s Healthy Farming Futures program or would like to be kept up to date with upcoming workshops, field days and newsletters, please email agriculture@northerngulf.com.auor alternatively contact Northern Gulf’s Intensive Agricultural Officer, Sally Fields on (07) 40921088

Places for more farms to join the intensive stream of the Healthy Farming Futures program will reopen midyear.

Visit our website for more details http://www.northerngulf.com.au

This project is supported by the North Queensland NRM Alliance through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and delivered by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group.

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