High Tech Drones Enlisted To Help Endangered Parrot

High Tech Drones Enlisted To Help Endangered Parrot

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group has teamed up with the CSIRO to trial the use of drones to map termite mounds as part of a Golden-shouldered parrot project. Golden-shouldered parrots are an endangered, brightly coloured parrot that lives in the grassy savannahs of the Gulf and Cape York. Unlike most parrots, Golden-shouldered parrots use termite mounds as nests, excavating a nesting chamber into the side of the mound.

These parrots live across vast areas of difficult-to-access country, often making them difficult to locate. CSIRO Scientists are trialling the use of drones with high-tech sensors to locate termite mounds that may provide suitable nest sites for Golden-shouldered parrots. The ability to map suitable nest mounds across large areas of habitat will allow traditional owners, scientists and land managers to direct their survey, management and conservation efforts for this species more effectively.

This project is supported by North Queensland NRM Alliance through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. This project is delivered by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group as a partner of North Queensland NRM Alliance.


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