Bringing Science to the outback

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group has teamed up with National Science Week for this year’s Gulf Kids Environment Day. Kids as far west as Normanton will travel to join in the 2 days of fun activities held at the Croydon and Georgetown schools.

Kate Abberton from the Georgetown State School recapped on last year’s event saying, “the school has really worked hard to implement sustainability into their program, through their gardening and recycling, so events like this are a wonderful re-enforcement of what the kids are learning”.

This year’s event will see the kids learning about perennial plants, water bugs, dung beetles, animal skulls and tracks all with the guidance and help from the Tagalaka rangers, Organic Motion and the skilled members of the Northern Gulf staff.

Kids from last years event, building a Herb Spiral Garden.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual opportunity to meet scientists, discuss the hot topics, do science and celebrate its cultural and economic impact on society.

First held in 1997, National Science Week has become one of Australia’s largest festivals. Last year saw a staggering 1.2 million people participate in over 2100 events and activities.

In 2019, National Science Week events will be held right throughout Australia—from world’s first global Indigenous hackathon ‘INDIGI HACK’ to ‘Dr Dolphin’ and his bottlenose friends in Adelaide, and from marking the Moon landing in Sydney to the science queens of Kings Park in Perth—with everything including science festivals, music and comedy shows, expert panel discussions, interactive hands-on displays, open days and online activities.

The festival is proudly supported by the Australian Government; partners CSIRO, the Australian Science Teachers Association and the ABC; and media sponsors including Cosmosand Science Illustrated.

National Science Week 2019 will run from 10-18 August. Event details can be found at or

For further information please contact Vickie Mylrea 0429 067 338

Learning how to use the Northern Gulf Fauna guides, at last years Gulf Kids Day.


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