Science Comes to the Bush for Gulf Kids Environment Day

Science Comes to the Bush for Gulf Kids Environment Day

Students learning about bugs and critters

Northern Gulf Resource Management Groups recently held the ever popular Gulf Kids Environment Days in Georgetown and Croydon, a little earlier on the school calendar than usual, but who could miss the opportunity to celebrate National Science Week with some Bugs and Critters.

Following on from 2018 Gulf Kids Environment Day this year’s event was split over two days and over two venues with Croydon State School hosting on Wednesday 14thAugust and Georgetown State School hosting on Thursday 15thAugust. The events saw 130 students from Gulf Christian College, Normanton, Croydon, Forsyth, Mt Surprise & Georgetown State Schools engage in hands-on activities in a fun shared learning space.

Learning all about soil with Georgie Parker

This year’s theme of Bugs and Critters saw presenters, Northern Gulf Ecologist James Donaldson, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator Laura Miller, bug guru Georgie Parker, Tonielle from Organic Motion and Indigenous Rangers from Ewamian and Tagalaka thrill and inspire students with their unique science-based activities.

Tonielle from Organic Motion

Activities ranged from examining water bugs through microscopes and magnifying glasses to games that taught about the feeding preferences of insects. A student favourite, Tonielle from Organic Motion, had the student’s plant guilds of edible perennials and learn about permaculture and health in a fun, edible way.

This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government.


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