First aquatic survey of Croydon’s new national park!

First aquatic survey of Cryodon's new national park!

Our Biodiversity Officer James Donaldson recently teamed up with Tagalaka Rangers Mark Owens, Marella Baker, Brighton Douglas, and James Beasley, Dr. Brendan Ebner from James Cook University and Glen Hermann and Tony Cockburn from Queensland Parks and Wildlife services to undertake the first aquatic survey of the new Littleton National Park, just east of Croydon.

Tagalaka Ranger Marella Baker holding a Sleepy Cod.

The team surveyed five wetlands across the national park and used a range of different net types as well as baited underwater video cameras (in clear water sites) to survey the aquatic animals on park. In total the team recorded nineteen species of fish, one species of freshwater turtle, freshwater crocodiles and of course red claw.

A Red claw

On the last day of the surveys, students and teachers from Croydon State School visited to learn about the aquatic animals of the area and help bring in some of the nets that were set the night before. The group also watched some of the underwater videos that were collected during the survey, which was a hit with the kids!

Biodiversity Officer James Donaldson with students from Croydon State School


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