Food Security a big fish for the Croydon shire and a new job in the making.

Food Security a big fish for the Croydon shire and a new job in the making.

Northern Gulf in partnership with Tagalaka Aboriginal Corporation have recently received funding to develop a food security strategy and a small aquaponics facility for the Croydon Shire.

The Tagalaka Rangers and Marcus Mulholland, from Northern Gulf have started work on developing the aquaponics site on Sircom Street with power, water and a custom-built greenhouse being added to the block in the last week. The aquaponics unit will be built on site commencing Monday 21st September. Aquaponics guru, Rodney Ingersoll, will facilitate the process.

With a new site and a new project underway, Northern Gulf is seeking a new employee to support the operation of the aquaponics project. If you know someone that has a passion for growing fresh produce and loves to engage with the Croydon community then this may be the job for them.

Experienced facilitators and researchers Lyndal Scobell of Community Bred and Erica Hughes of Farmer Meets Foodie have been contracted to research food security issues in relation to disaster management for the Croydon area. As part of this research they will hold a community meeting on Wednesday 7th October. This will be the community’s chance to have a say about the issues that impact them and have input into the food security strategy that will be developed by Lyndal and Erica.

This project is jointly funded by a Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding arrangement with funding contributions from the Australian and Queensland Governments under the Community Development Program.

If you would like further information about the aquaponics position or the Food Security Strategy meeting please:

CONTACT: Project officer – Vickie Mylrea, Phone: 0429067338 or email:


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