‘This is incredible…’

Those were the words Undara Experience manager Kane Basset uttered when his 4G mast and Cel-Fi (mobile phone signal) booster were up and running.

Before these systems were in place, the Undara Experience, a world class tourist destination in the Northern Gulf, relied on a satellite feed for internet access.

‘The signal was intermittent and failed completely if there was cloud cover,’ Kane explained.

‘This impacted simple things like internet banking as well as customer facing services like EFTPPOS and contactless payments. There was no Wi-Fi and no mobile coverage.’

‘Now we are cooking with gas!’

The Undara Experience’s vastly improved communications systems resulted from company’s engagement with the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group’s Building Connectivity project team.

The 12 – month Building Connectivity project, which ran from September 2019 to August 2020, focused on improving community capacity by working with isolated landholders, local government and community groups to build greater communications capacity.

‘The project team worked closely with Kane to assess the most appropriate and affordable communications solution for them,’ Northern Gulf Resource Management Group CEO Zoe Williams explained.

‘In the end, this involved installing a 4G mast on the Undara Experience site. The mast receives a signal from the Mt Surprise tower and transmits it through the business’s network, and installing a Cel-Fi booster which provides W-Fi and mobile coverage across their dining area.’

‘This work has revolutionised communications for the Undara Experience team and their visitors.’

Kane Basset said the upgrade has made a significant change to his operations – and to staff morale.

‘We now have Wi-Fi in the visitor areas – people can sit here on their phones, using social media, and sharing photos of our property which increases awareness of our business and might prompt someone to decide to come out here one day,’ he said.

Better WIFI connect means people are able to engage and interact on social media while at Undara, helping to promote the tourist destination.

‘We can now also use a voice to Wi-Fi service which has meant a lot to our staff as they can now easily contact their family and friends. Our online payment systems are working and we can use the internet to run the business. What a change!’

If you would like to visit Undara Experience head to or call 1800 990 992.

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This project was jointly funded under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018

Although funding for this product has been provided by both the Australian and Queensland Governments, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either Government


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