Working with livestock and dogs – learn from one of the best

Gulf region graziers have a rare opportunity to lean advanced livestock handling and working with dogs from one of Australia’s top experts – Neil McDonald.

With support from Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, Neil will run a three-day training course in mid-July at Perryvale Station, Einasleigh.

Neil’s courses are in high demand all over the country, demonstrating handling methods that lead to more co-operative cattle, a safer working environment, and more effective grazing practices.

Neil’s approach can prevent land condition problems, and help to improve profitability, welfare, & safety. This is a rare opportunity to work with Neil and draw on his many years of experience in the industry.

For more information, cost details or to book, contact Dan Wingett 0419 658 870

The course will run from 16-18 July inclusive from 730am to 5pm.


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