Croydon working towards food security

In our capital cities and larger regional centres, food supply is rarely in doubt. For most people, a trip to the supermarket is a routine thing, and we come home with everything we need.

But that’s not always the case in the more remote areas of our region. The further you get from the big smoke, there are fewer stores, less choice. The long transport chains mean fresh food can soon be past its best, and freight costs can lead to painful retail prices. Very often, in remote communities, food supply can be unreliable, with some products unavailable or unaffordable. Either way, people go without, and their nutritional needs might not be met.

In our region, Croydon Shire faces many food security challenges. Remoteness, climate, transport – all affect the consistent and sustainable supply of fresh, nutritious food. Many residents continue local experience and traditions in sourcing, harvesting, producing, and preparing food. There are small-scale home and community gardens with good results, but the tough climate demands persistent dedication to be productive.

Community consultation on food security in Croydon Shire 2021

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group is working with the people of Croydon Shire on a strategy to improve food security in the region. Lyndal Scobell of Community Bred, and Erica Hughes from Farmer Meets Foodie, led community consultations earlier this year, to establish priorities, goals, and strategies.

The consultation process produced some great ideas and some key recommendations

  • establish a community-led steering group for food security
  • engage a paid coordinator to oversee a community-led food security program
  • continue advocacy with state and federal government to improve road access to Croydon and across the Shire for year-round road access, particularly along freight routes
  • provide residents with enough water to grow food and develop farming

Download the strategy document. Got some suggestions? Contact us at


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