Northern Gulf Report Card 2020

We’re pleased to release our Northern Gulf Report Card 2020 – our annual social, economic and environmental snapshot of the region.

It gives a fascinating overview of our population and demographics, our industries, and of economic trends in the northern Gulf.

We include information from the Australian National University Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics annual report on the changing condition of our natural resources and ecosystems.

That includes a significant drop in our environmental score – 3.2 out of 10, down from 4.6 the previous year.

The report authors don’t explain the reasons for the lower score, so we’re asking for your thoughts. Can you explain it? Do you think our northern Gulf environment has deteriorated over the past couple of years?

Overall, the northern Gulf population increased by about six per cent in the previous decade. Visitor numbers fell by 13 per cent, while cattle prices rose significantly.

The region was home to 735,000 head of cattle, down 19% from the previous year. 31 per cent of local businesses are in agriculture, forestry or fisheries.

Download and read the report here. Printed copies are also available. Look for them in shops and offices around the region, or contact us for your copy.


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