Big Futures is a place where you can explore Natural Resource Management for kids.  The Northern Gulf of Carpentaria is a unique place with wild open spaces, big rivers and extreme seasons. The remoteness of the Gulf means we have a unique environment with a lot for a child to discover!

The Big Futures concept sprouted in the heart of the Northern Gulf Region with Gulf Kids Environment Day, which has become an annual event for primary school children from Croydon, Georgetown, Mt Surprise, Forsayth, Karumba and surrounding properties.  Northern Gulf Resource Management Group aims to engage youth across the region in their natural environment and learning in the garden.

Big Futures has now expanded to include Mitchell River Kids Day, Get into the Garden program, Kids Sustainable Fishing days, Gulf Youth in AG and supporting Junior Landcare across the region with resources, newsletters and competitions.

Funding for Big Futures comes through the Australian Government’s National Landcare program and from a range of sponsorship, grants and in-kind support from partner organisations to support individual projects.

Current Projects

Supporting remote schools to grow fresh produce!

Status: Active

A big Junior Landcare day out for students in remote parts of the Northern Gulf Region.

Status: Active

A resource for teachers, home tutors, parents, and school, childcare & afterschool care communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Gulf Kids Garden newsletter is full of information that can be used to assist the community with getting our kids involved in gardening and the local environment.

Status: Active

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