Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on earth—the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes, and the terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems of which they are a part.

This diversity exists at different scales: regional diversity, ecosystem diversity, species diversity and genetic diversity. Biodiversity is not static, but constantly changing. It is increased by genetic change and evolutionary processes and reduced by processes such as habitat degradation, population decline and extinction.

Maintaining and enhancing the biodiversity values have been prioritised across 44 covenanted nature refuges in Northern Gulf/Cape York (1,392,262 ha) including areas adjacent to national parks, Wet Tropics World Heritage and nationally important wetlands.

Biodiversity surveys have been conducted across Nature Refuges, and long-term monitoring sites established to provide longitudinal data on trends in biodiversity across Northern Gulf and Cape York regions.

Current Projects

YOU could be the key to their survival….

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, in partnership with Cape York NRM and other key partners are working towards tackling these threats and are aiming to increase our knowledge of the species to better understand how we can protect them.

Gilbert River Rehabilitation

Enhancing the long term condition and resilience of habitats and landscapes in northern and remote Australia by reducing the impact of weeds of national significance across 76,000 ha by refining and applying techniques to aerially ignite Rubber Vine and other weeds across heavy, light and scattered infestations during the wet season when the risk of wildfire is minimal.
Status: Active

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Program

Developing a Regional M&E Program that will enable ‘State of the Region’ environmental accounting and reporting.
Status: Active

Wildlife Management

The wildlife management project aims to improve the knowledge of flora and fauna in the region by informing and educating land managers, local communities and stakeholders to understand and recognise their wildlife and natural assets. The project has funded on-ground works to help protect species such as finches which have undergone declines in recent years. Biodiversity monitoring sites have been established to evaluate the results of the works, as well as to help paint a picture of the region’s ecosystem,
Status: Active

Regional Biodiversity Management Program

This terrestrial biodiversity survey program provides on-going data collection and collation of field data from the Northern Gulf region. This data will contribute to informing improved conservation management and planning in the region, and play an important role in quantitative assessment of the impacts of threats to biodiversity.
Status: Active
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