YOU could be the key to their survival….

Golden-shouldered parrots are a distinctive, colourful parrot with a unique approach to nesting. Turquoise, with a pink belly and yellow streak across the wings, the males of this species are particularly striking. These parrots live in grassy savannahs where they spend much of their time feeding on fallen grass seeds. Towards the end of the wet season, Golden-shouldered parrots begin nesting. Unlike most parrots, Golden-shouldered parrots use termite mounds as nests, excavating a nesting chamber into the side of the mound.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors including changing fire regimes, grazing, feral pigs and weeds, these parrots which were once widespread across the Gulf and Cape are now restricted to a handful of small populations and are nationally listed as endangered. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, in partnership with Cape York NRM and other key partners are working towards tackling these threats and are aiming to increase our knowledge of the species to better understand how we can protect them.

For more info on how you can help contact our Biodiversity Officer James Donaldson:  or phone (07) 4092 1088

This project is supported by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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