ITS WOMENS BUSINESS – Creative rural women entrepreneurs getting together to learn about business.

How to take your idea to a business?…this is what 14 amazing women are learning at what has been labeled “Bush Business”.  Each month 9 beef produces, 1 horticulturalist, 1 hay producer, 1 livestock carrier, 1 contract musterer and 1 goat stud owner all meet up at the Northern Gulf office.

All of these women have somehow been affected by the recent drought and have seen a need to find an extra income to supplement their family businesses through tough times.  Each one has a unique skill and talent.  These workshops are designed to bring out the best in each one and hopefully turn their idea into an income generating business. 

Facilitated by Kathy Rowling and Jessica Fealy with funding from the Mareeba Shire Council,  each participant attended 6 workshops over 6 months and had to complete workbooks, homework and exercises all designed to encourage and give the skills and confidence each women needs to put themselves and their ideas out there.

Already they are starting to see the results with many of them attending the recent Arts In The Park event held in Mareeba. 

“Providing support to these women is what is important” said Kathy. 

A Facebook group and messenger group has been set up for each attendee to ask questions, share experiences and encourage each other throughout and after the workshops have been completed. 

Learning all aspects of starting up a home based business from the ground up can be a daunting experience, but with the support of the Northern Gulf team we know each one can achieve their own personal and professional goals, no matter how big or small. 

Watch our wrap up video and hear from the ladies involved.

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