Water Quality Citizen Science Project


Is your water too hot, too cold, or just right?

Water temperature has a major influence on several areas, including:

  • Biological activity and growth
  • Water chemistry
  • Types of organisms that can survive

The organisms within an aquatic ecosystem have preferred temperature levels, and these change depending on the season, the age of an organism, and other environmental factors. Similarly, water temperature can change because of seasonal changes, the time of day (i.e. angle of sun), and physical traits of the landscape like where the water comes from, at what speed it’s flowing, how much vegetation there is, water depth, and more.

In terms of chemical and biological reactions, the higher the water temperature the higher the rate of chemical and metabolic reactions.

While temperature preference varies among species, all species can tolerate slow, seasonal variations better than rapid changes. Temperature stress can occur when the temperature changes more than 1-2 degrees Celsius in 24 hours.

What does the water temperature mean?

Degrees Celsius (°C)

Less than 5: Too cold for many aquatic organisms

5-25: Most aquatic organisms can tolerate these conditions.

Greater than 25: Beginning to get too warm for aquatic organisms.

What was your score?

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