The Northern Gulf community is made up of individuals and groups who live, work in or have a spiritual or custodial attachment to the Northern Gulf region.

The total population is approximately 10,000 people over an area which spans more than 165,000 and  88% of this land is held within very large leasehold properties.  A multi-generational, cross sectoral approach to building capacity and promoting environmental awareness is embraced by the communities of the Northern Gulf region.

The regional communities improve their capacity for climate change resilience through developing and maintaining a strong and sustainable resource-based economy, growing skills and awareness and supporting Traditional Owners in their custodial roles as the region’s land and sea managers.

Current Projects

Building Connectivity

Improving mobile telephone and internet communications and remote monitoring of river heights and weather.

Building Capacity

This project will engage with, and form partnerships with the Northern Gulf community through the use of communication and engagement tools that build collective partnerships and capacity in regional NRM to deliver on-ground improved land management.

The project will deliver to:

  • rural schools to provide environmental education activities which educate on sustainability,
  • healthy waterways,
  • biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture;
  • local women who are engaged in women’s events that provide educational material on drought proofing their properties and new technologies; community groups who collectively carry out land management programs and share knowledge;
  • local government indigenous councils to improve knowledge of biodiversity conservation;
  • and the broader community to increase their understanding of NGRMG and the actions recommended in the key regional NRM plan.
 Status: Active

Indigenous Partnerships

This project will support and build the capacity of Indigenous groups of the Northern Gulf region to participate in Natural Resource Management.  The project will build Traditional Owner knowledge and skills through training and education in governance, business, mapping, biodiversity and sustainable land management. It will support Traditional Owners to undertake TEK recording through  field trips, training and data management. The project will disseminate information opportunities and achievements to Indigenous groups through on-ground engagement, social media, emails and newsletters.

Status: Active

Rural Women

The Resourcing Women of the North Team are putting together another amazing program to inspire women who have an interest in a broad area of topics including sustainable agriculture, business management and careers and the opportunities and challenges for these in our region.
The capacity of rural women to take advantage of new economic opportunities and improve their well-being is influenced by their access to productive resources. There is extensive evidence that access to and control over resources for women in rural areas is mediated by local sociocultural, political and economic factors.
In addition, the specific educational and skills development needs of rural women will be addressed, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship— including financing, management and marketing, and farm and household management; off-farm employment opportunities; and nutrition and health, literacy and leadership. All training programs need to take into account the specific constraints faced by rural women, including in relation to time and transport.

Status: Active

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