Episode 1–  Tonielle Christensen from Organic Motion sits down with our very own Sally Fields. Tonielle is a Permaculture Design Consultant and Educator, focused on improving the wellbeing of people and landscapes.

Episode 2 –  Myron Zalucki ‘ from the University of Queensland (UQ) sits down with our very own John McLaughlin to discuss the Fall Armyworm (FAW). Myron is an Insect Ecologist whose work focuses on the abundance and distribution of insects, including some of Australia’s major pests.

Episode 3 –  Dr Barbara Wueringer,  from Sharks and Rays Australia sits down with our very own James Donaldson. Barbara is the founder and director of Sharks and Rays Australia ,and is an expert on some of the biggest and most interesting fish you will find in North Queensland.

Episode 4Erica Hughes, from Farmer Meets Foodie, sits down with our very own Kathy Rowling. Passionate about supporting farmers in getting good value for their products, Erica created a virtual farmers market! Where Farmers and Foodies set up shop and sell fresh local produce and meals direct.

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