E-Beef SmartFarming in Northern Queensland

Implementing grazing best management practice through demonstrating how timely management decisions enhance pastures, groundcover, soils, land condition, business profitability and adaptability.

Managing cattle production in the rangelands of northern Queensland is a challenging job. E-Beef Smart Farming in Northern Queensland aims to support producers by showing how technology can support timely management decisions that enhance pastures, ground cover  soils, land condition, business profitability and adaptability.

E-Beef Smart Farming in Northern Queensland will establish on-ground, regionally relevant smart farms using innovative technology to enhance grazing management.

The project will include a comprehensive extension program to accelerate the uptake of whole-of-business grazing best management that when adopted will improve the natural resource base and profitability of beef enterprises. Extension professionals will partner with collaborators to maximize impact and ensure industry relevance.

Graziers will have the opportunity to see, touch and discuss the application of new and innovative technologies that will improve their grazing and land management, profitability and adaptability at demonstration E-Beef Smart Farms and E-Beef innovation hubs.

E-Beef Smart Farming in Northern Queensland commenced in August 2018.

For more information please download our info sheet or contact John McLaughlin on 0411 294 331


The E-Beef project is supported by a partnership comprising Southern Gulf NRM, Desert Channels Queensland, Northern Gulf RMG, and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.  Funding for the project is from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

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