Soil Your Undies + More! (FNQ Field Days)

This event has ended

Northern Gulf Airs Their Dirty Laundry at the FNQ Field Day

As part of our focus on regenerative soil health, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group staff recently took part in the “Soil Your Undies Challenge,” a worldwide movement to highlight the crucial role played by soil microbes.

Participating staff have buried a pair of cotton undies, and the results of 6 weeks of microbial action will be on display for all to see at the Northern Gulf tent at the upcoming FNQ Field Days.

The Field Days line up will also include a range of entertaining and informative guest speakers and workshops.

On Wednesday Northern Gulf members and interested members of the public are invited to attend a General Meeting and updates from our project officers, followed by presentations from Joe Moro on behalf of FNQ Growers, FNQ Food Incubator, Allan Dale of the Regional Economies Centre of Excellence, and Rhonda Sorenson from Queensland Water and Land Carers Board and Sassy Bio – Rural Innovation.

If you’ve ever wondered how to access grant funding to help your business grow, on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm Kay Strong will present a Grant Funding Workshop, sponsored by AusIndustry, with tips and techniques for writing funding applications.  There will be kids STEM activities from 3-4pm and at 4pm local innovators will pitch their big ideas in a fun, fast-paced challenge to sell their concept to the audience in just a few minutes.

Thursday’s program focuses on regenerating soil health. Guest speakers begin at 9.30am with a talk on the importance of soil balancing and soil testing by Sally Fields from Northern Gulf, at 10.00 Qld B.O.M. Agriculture Manager, Luke Shelley, will demonstrate the B.O.M. online tools for farmers followed by a presentation from Andre Leu, of Regeneration International, on building soil health to increase climate resistance, yields and farm profits, at 10.30.  In the afternoon Adam Collins will speak on grasses to build soil carbon, Luke Shelly will talk about managing soils in a variable climate and Nuffield Scholar and local microgreens business owner, Steve Grist, will share his research on closed loop-biocycles in agriculture. There will be workshops on visual soil assessment presented by Sally Fields from Northern Gulf and Rowan Shee from Terrain throughout the day.  We will wrap up the day with ‘Appy Hour’ a chance to share useful apps for land managers, hosted by Northern Gulf director and local agribusiness-woman, Jess Fealy.

Fridays program will include presentations on the E-Beef program and Farmer Meets Foodie, opportunities to engage with the Climate Mate program made available through funding from the University of Southern Queensland and try out the Climate Mate Tools, plus Northern Gulf staff will be on hand to introduce people to the Be Connected program and assist them to access the online digital skills training program.


Wednesday 29thMay – Natural Resource Innovation

9.15am             Northern Gulf Resource Management Group General Meeting

9.45am             NG Officer Presentations

10.45am           Morning Tea

11am                Joe Moro – FNQ Growers

11.30am           FNQ Food Incubator

1pm                 Allan Dale – Regional Economies Centre of Excellence

1.30pm             Rhonda Sorenson – Queensland Water and Land Carers, Sassy Bio-Rural Innovation

2pm                 Kay Strong – Grant Funding Workshop sponsored by AusIndustry

3pm                 Kids STEM Activities

4pm                 Big Ideas

Thursday 30thMay – Soil Health

9.30am             Sally Fields, Northern Gulf RMG – The role of soil balancing and techniques for building soil health.

10am                Luke Shelley, B.O.M. Agricultural Manager – B.O.M. Online Tools for Farmers

10.30am           Andre Leu, Regeneration International –  ‘Building Soil Health to increase Climate Resilience, Yields and Farm Profits.’

12.45am           Adam Collins, Biodynamic Farmer – How Grasses Build Soil Carbon

1.30pm             Luke Shelley, B.O.M. Ag manager – Managing Northern QLD soils in a variable climate

2pm                 Steven Grist, Cairns Microgreens and Exotics –  Closed loop bio cycles within agriculture

3 pm                Rowan Shee (Terrain) and Sally Fields (Northern Gulf RMG) – Visual Soil Assessment using RASH technique

4pm                 ‘Appy Hour – A facilitated discussion on useful apps for NRM and land managers.

Friday 31stMay – Technology Focus

9:30am            AgForce – Nikki Hoffman – Industry Updates

10am                Lyndal Scobell, Climate Mate – using the CliMate online app and resources for land managers

10.30am           John McLaughlin, Northern Gulf – E-Beef Project update: installation of the Walk-Over Weighbridge at Mt Surprise Station and the E-Beef Innovation Hub

11am                Erica Hughes, Farmer Meets Foodie

Throughout Friday come and talk to us about the BeConnected program- a range of free tutorials to increase the confidence, skills and online safety of Australians using the internet and everyday technology.


Tea and coffee available – feel free to call in and have a chat with us.