Project summary

The development and production of these wildlife guides were funded through an Australian Government Biodiversity Fund project entitled: ‘Building resilient landscapes: maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values in Northern Gulf and Cape York Nature Refuges’. The content aims to provide user friendly information to assist landholders in the identification of wildlife found on Northern Gulf and Cape York Nature Refuges. Using a spatial model (with a 5 km buffer), we developed lists of species which are likely to occur within the cadastral boundary of each participating Nature Refuge. This book is a compilation of the individual Nature Refuge guides. Profiles for each of the animal species included encompass user friendly information on: simple diagnostic characteristics; a clear colour image or illustration; basic ecological information; and known threatening processes to each animal. Brief summaries of these threats, and actions which may mitigate threatening processes are provided at the beginning of the decks.

There have been few comprehensive surveys on Nature Refuges in the Northern Gulf and Cape York regions, and we acknowledge there is likely to be some error in the species predicted from the dataset. Where possible, we have cross-checked any existing field survey data with the predicted species list for each property. NGRMG welcome feedback on the content provided here, and additional records that were not included in this first edition.

Please see below links to download a digital copy of each book, if you would like to purchase the hard copy sets please contact us at or call (07) 4092 1088.

Proceeds from each set of books sold goes back into NG to help fund ongoing Natural Resource work and projects.

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