Get into the Garden supports school gardens in the region to grow fresh produce and provide hands on learning experiences for remote communities through visits from a qualified permaculture teacher who helps students to establish new (or enhance existing), school food gardens, encouraging the school and wider community to cook food grown in the garden.  As schools are a focal point and hub of small remote communities, it is considered that establishing and enhancing school food gardens provides the perfect location for engaging not only youth, but also parents and the wider community.

Quality fresh produce can be difficult to access in remote communities due to time and expense for transport and interruption of supply in the wet season. This project puts the skills and inspiration in the hands of local communities to meet their own nutritional needs for fresh fruit and vegetables, by growing food locally.

Project Tracking

Current Stage - 6/7 90%
Current Phase - 5/7 80%
Completion 92%
Peter with the kids at Chillagoe State School
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