This program provides extensive grazing land managers with improved knowledge, planning, implementation, monitoring tools and skills that develop best practice grazing land management (including weed and pest animal management, riparian rehabilitation, erosion control and fire management).

This will lead to increased productivity, sustainability and delivery of ecosystem services (to the whole community), resulting in improved condition (productive and natural) of grazed savannah landscapes and protection and rehabilitation of threatened ecosystems (eg Einasleigh Uplands) and species and savannah landscapes.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Engage new particpants in the SavannaPlan program
  • Establish and maintain monitoring sites to record land condition over time
  • Extension services for grazing land management and land condition recovery
  • Ongoing planning and implementation on post-SavannaPlan properties with topics including fencing and water for wet season spelling systems to improve resource condition; improved herd management to raise production efficiencies; implementing rangeland monitoring systems and stocking rate adjustments.
  • Engagement of rural women with focus on building leadership and management skills.

Project Tracking

Current Stage - 6/7 90%
Current Phase - 5/7 80%
Completion 92%
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