Gulf Kids Environment Day (GKED) is held annually on the last Friday in August at Croydon.  It has become a successful community event, providing an important educational and social activity to not only Croydon kids, but kids from across the region, including neighbouring remote communities of Normanton, Karumba, Georgetown, Forsayth, Mt Surprise as well as distance educated children from surrounding remote cattle stations. Neighbouring schools travel a 300-450 km round trip to attend this event!

The aim of the event is to engage local kids both from the towns and remote stations of the Northern Gulf region in a range of fun activities which promote environmental awareness of the unique geographical and natural attributes of their area, as well as sustainable natural resource and land management practices.  The event supports Junior Landcare activities, promotes awareness of the unique, local environment,nurturing the Gulf children as future land and water custodians.

Each year has a different theme that activities are based around such as – Biodiversity, Healthy Waterways, Kitchen Gardens and Sustainable Agriculture.  The day is a celebration with lots of fun activities including, a BBQ lunch, cake, sample bags, prizes and an activity gift relevant to theme for students to take home.

Project Tracking

Current Stage 5/7 70%
Current Phase 4/7 65%
Completion 70%
Kids wearing the masks made at Gulf Kids Day
Recycled seedling pots made by the kids
Enjoying the activities
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