This project will address the NRM and productivity issues of soil fertility decline, soil organic carbon loss, water quality detriment and erosion in Central and Northern QLD. It will involve capacity building of landholders extended to the wider community based on farmer driven research, to address knowledge gaps in the area of soil management.

Specific project objectives include:

  • Increase the capacity (skills and knowledge) of landholders to implement sustainable land management practices
  • Increase the awareness of landholders about current processes that threaten the sustainability of the soil resource and provide strategies and practices to overcome these issues.
  • Undertake investigation, using on-farm trials and demonstration sites, to identify appropriate techniques to address NRM issues of fertility decline, soil organic carbon loss, water quality detriment and erosion:
  • Farmers and graziers will undertake research in innovative and alternative practices to provide answers to many questions arising in the area of improving soil health and sustainable land use.
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of information sharing and knowledge brokering
  • Implement best management practices with engaged landholders

In the longer term, these project outcomes will lead to improved management practices in the area of soil health with flow on benefits in:

  • Increased soil fertility and water holding capacity from improvements in soil organic carbon content,
  • Improved soil health from enhanced chemical, biological and physical properties of the soil
  • Improved water quality due to increased ground cover reducing runoff and erosion.
  • Maintain the quality of native and riparian vegetation by reduced chemical applications
  • Resilient and empowered communities that have greater control over their future.
  • Improved economic performance of enterprises through productivity gains and reduced input costs

Project Tracking

Current Stage 5/7 70%
Current Phase 4/7 65%
Completion 70%
Leachate Tubes
Soil water tension test equipment
Mareeba Channel Irrigation system
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