Zoe Williams

Phone: 0448 680 445

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Vickie Mylrea
Indigenous Engagement Officer

Phone: 0429 067 338

Vickie commenced working with us in July 2013 and is based in Mareeba.  As Projects & Services Manager she is responsible for the contractual mangment of all projects and Services. Vickie is passionate about the rural industry and has spent many years working in rural and ag related fields.  She has extensive knowledge of the grants sector through community groups and is passionate about her local community. Vickie is happily married with two children and has a Diploma of Management.
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Kathy Rowling
Drought Support Officer

Phone: 0439 966 936

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Rachel Smith
Communications Officer

Phone: 0431 670 783

Rachel joined the team back in October 2017, although only on board for a short period she has already achieved a lot! With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design majoring in Multimedia,Rachel is helping to share the stories behind Northern Gulf and the great work they do, bringing these news stories to life and share with everyone.
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Danicka Fegatilli
Administration Officer

Phone: 0409 956 997

Danicka commenced working for Northern Gulf in 2016 as a trainee studying Certificate 1 in Business. Since then she have gone on to continue to study a Diploma in Business while working for Corporate Nature in the Northern Gulf office.
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Laura Miller
Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator

Phone: 0438 705 477

Laura begun working with Northern Gulf in November 2018 and is based in Georgetown. As the Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator, Laura supports agricultural communities, stakeholder groups and partner organisations in adopting sustainable grazing and land management practices whilst remaining productive and profitable. Laura has lived and worked on stations and communities across Northern Australia and is a passionate advocate for the rural industry. Laura will be helping to develop youth skills and assisting graziers with funding opportunities in the regions.
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Sally Fields
Intensive Agricultural Officer

Phone: 0421 710 474

James Donaldson
Biodiversity Officer


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