Allan Holmes
Executive Coordinator

Phone: 0498 977 632

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Vickie Mylrea
Indigenous Engagement Officer

Phone: 0429 067 338

Vickie commenced working with us in July 2013 and is based in Mareeba.  As Projects & Services Manager she is responsible for the contractual mangment of all projects and Services. Vickie is passionate about the rural industry and has spent many years working in rural and ag related fields.  She has extensive knowledge of the grants sector through community groups and is passionate about her local community. Vickie is happily married with two children and has a Diploma of Management.
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Peter Harrison
Intensive Ag Officer

Phone: 0417 538 142

Pete has Bachelor degree in Geology and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems. His experience includes working for 7 years as an exploration geologist travelling extensively across Northern Australia and South Australia, utilising both GIS and GPS technologies. Pete has also worked for QDNR (State Water) based at Bundaberg conducting groundwater surveys in the sugarcane growing regions. On leaving Queensland, Pete joined the Federal Government working for the Department of Defence as a terrain analyst, followed by Departments of Environment, Infrastructure and Regional Australia working as a GIS specialist.
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Natalie Waller
Ecologist & Education Officer

Phone: 0435 910 393

Natalie joined the Northern Gulf team in 2013, volunteering on biodiversity surveys in the Northern Gulf region and Cape York. After finishing her bachelor degree in wildlife science (hons) she spent two years working on a rodent eradication program in the Torres Strait.  Natalie has a keen interest in wildlife, and has volunteered on a number of environmental programs and has also been involved in wildlife rehabilitation.  Her favourite Australian animal is the Common Brushtail Possum because they are an adaptable, intelligent and determined species.
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Kathy Rowling
Drought Support Officer

Phone: 0439 966 936

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Rachel Smith
Communications Officer

Phone: 0431 670 783

Rachel joined the team back in October 2017, although only on board for a short period she has already achieved a lot! With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design majoring in Multimedia,Rachel is helping to share the stories behind Northern Gulf and the great work they do, bringing these news stories to life and share with everyone.
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Danicka Fegatilli
Administration Officer

Phone: 0409 956 997

Danicka commenced working for Northern Gulf in 2016 as a trainee studying Certificate 1 in Business. Since then she have gone on to continue to study a Diploma in Business while working for Corporate Nature in the Northern Gulf office.
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Angelika Volz
Board Support Officer

Phone: 4062 1488

With a few science degrees in her pocket, Angie has worked as a tour guide and for environmental organisations for many years. She lived in the rainforest of Far North Queensland, travelling between Cape York and Rockhampton for her projects, before swapping the rain for the drought, joining Northern Gulf and moving to the heart of the Savannah.  Now based in Georgetown, she supports our Board . 
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Lindsey Perry
Mapping Officer

Phone: 0499 059 907

Lindsey is hosted by Northern Gulf as the Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF). Her role is to support Landcare, production groups and other land managers to adopt sustainable farm and land management practices, to help landholders protect our landscape and support rural livelihoods. Lindsey Perry is a graduate of the University of Queensland Gatton Campus where she lived prior to arriving in Georgetown. Originally from Ireland but now a resident of Australia for almost 8 years, she has a background in grazing animal nutrition, particularly seasonal forage digestion in ruminants and an interest in sustainable food production from the northern Rangelands. She is always interested in hearing ideas from people living on the land about how to best support their NRM needs
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Michael Anthony
Wildlife Officer

Phone: 0427 367 888

Michael is NGRMG's Nature Refuge Officer and is based in Georgetown. Michael's lifelong interest in reptiles and amphibians has taken him to biodiversity hot spots around the globe, but his particular sphere of interest is northern Australia's tropical Savannah environment. He has worked in a variety of industries including mining, landscaping and transport both in North Queensland and the Top End of NT. Michael has had a strong involvement with community nature groups and is President of the Cape York Herpetological Society.
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