Wet Season Photo Competition

  • Our competition winner. Minty not fazed by the storm. Claraville Station. Kiera Archer.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. Beautiful images of our Gulf wet season 2020-21. Our staff chose the final seven, and our Directors voted to decide the winner. That vote ended in a tie between Minty the dog and the incredible storm cloud over the bridge at Normanton. We asked our Facebook friends to break the deadlock by voting for their favourite. We’ve tallied the votes, and Kiera Archer’s photo of Minty is the winner.


An introduction to what the Healthy Farming Futures Project is all about. It is being run by Northern Gulf’s own Agricultural Officer and Agronomist, Sally Fields.

With the 2019 Gulf Kids day event just around the corner, we thought we would share with you the highlights from last years 2 days of fun and learning!

Northern Gulf’s Mapping Officer Sarah gets the run down on the benefits of GIS mapping of your property and how Northern Gulf RMG has helped land owners such as John of Wetherby Station document their properties, fences, boundaries plus more.

The biggest and best yet, hear from the women who attended this years Basalt Bash event and see why they keep travelling the long distances and coming back year after year.

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