Across much of the Northern Gulf region, very few historical systematic biodiversity studies have been undertaken. In the abscence of field data and a comprehensive understanding of trend conditions, there is a risk of a misallocation of resources and funds, and failure to achieve desired conservation outcomes.

This terrestrial biodiversity survey program provides a foundation to take action to protect threatened native species and communities and tackle weeds and pests that threaten biodiversity.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase the area of native habitat and vegetation that is managed to reduce critical threats to biodiversity ensuring the distribution, composition and diversity of native flora and fauna is maintained to secure population viability and genetic integrity in a climate of change.
  • Increase the capacity of Government, the Northern Gulf Resource Management and communities to make decisions about where to focus on-ground action and investment to deal with threatened native species and communities

Collaborating partners include:

  • Land managers
  • Enthusiasts who donate their time to conduct surveys.

Project Tracking

Current Stage - 6/7 90%
Current Phase - 5/7 80%
Completion 92%
Releasing a Rufus Betting
Michael examining a native Skink
Talaroo Lookout
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