Develop a Regional M&E Program that will enable ‘State of the Region’ environmental accounting and reporting.
The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Oversee the collation of landscape monitoring data that is being/or has been conducted on grazing properties by their managers.
  • Collate, analyse and manipulate all data from the ABCD landtype monitoring surveys.
  • Adapt the Wentworth Group’s Environmental Accounts system, the ACRIS system and the SOR Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting framework developed by SEQ Catchments for the development of the Northern Gulf M&E program.
  • Coordinate the choosing of themes for the framework of the M&E program.
  • Conduct consultation on the suitability and relevance of monitoring techniques.
  • Develop a geodatabase to implement the storage, evaluation and reporting of spatial monitoring data that will collected in the Regional MERI framework.

Project Tracking

Current Stage 5/7 70%
Current Phase 4/7 65%
Completion 70%
Feral Pigs with Station Cattle
Rubbervine Infestation
Survey underway at Bellevue Station
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