The wildlife management project aims to improve the knowledge of flora and fauna in our region. This includes establishing biodiversity monitoring sites, informing and educating land managers, local communities and stakeholders about protecting native species and ecosystems. The project also involves engaging land managers and traditional owners to establish on-ground works to conserve and protect species such as the Black-throated finch and the ecosystems of the region.

Biodiversity monitoring is taking place on four properties, primarily bird surveys, and photo-monitoring sites have been established to monitor progress of works and to build an inventory of wildlife on each property.

We believe the best way to protect species and ecosystems is to get the community involved and interested in the natural values of the region. To this end we utilise social media (NGRMG Facebook site – ) and reach out to the community through presentations at schools and events such as Gulf Kids Day, Camp Cobbold, Northern Gulf’s Biodiversity Website ( ) and involve community groups and knowledgeable individuals from the community to share their interest through the North Queensland Natural History Group.

Partners in the project include:

  • North Queensland Natural History Group
  • Ewamian Rangers
  • The Oaks Station
  • Oakleigh Station
  • Gilberton Station
  • Volunteers

Project Tracking

Current Stage 5/7 70%
Current Phase 4/7 65%
Completion 70%
Michael Anthony in the field
Frog found on a field trip
Yellow Wattle

There are no events

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